Halls previously said they could not afford to pay the bill despite its £100k maintenance budget

Friday morning Ramsay Hall waived its controversial £2000 bill on freshers for damage caused in last month’s unauthorised party.

The event was attended by hundreds of students from halls across UCL and saw a condom machine, urinal and a sink ripped from the basement toilet walls.


The party was attended by hundreds

Staff responded four weeks later with a maintenance bill on all 600 residents – but many freshers had not attended the party.

Following complaints from residents, the halls were today forced into an embarrassing volte-face.

In an email confusingly entitled “Non-fused adaptors”, Ramsay Warden Mitesh Vargadia admitted many at the party were not Ramsay residents.

He then launches a scathing attack on individuals behind the “ludicrous” damage.

Ramsay 1

Ramsay 2

Ramsay previously said the cost of damage exceeded its £2,000 minor repairs budget, meaning it had no choice but charge 600 freshers instead.

Jonny Marks, a first year Biomechanical Engineering student, says: “It’s an outrage that I am having to pay through the nose for a party I wasn’t even at, especially seeing as the condom machine hasn’t even been replaced.”

The halls have an eye watering £100,000 to spend on maintenance.

A fuming member of staff at Ramsay reception said: “I’m not going to answer to any questions for the Tab.”

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