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Anoraks at Islington Council are trying to shut down one of London’s most famous clubs, Fabric.

But the capital’s music-lovers aren’t having any of it.

A petition has been launched to renew the club’s license, which has been voted the world’s best club twice.


Fabric has been host to some of the world’s most famous DJs and a staple in London’s nightlife since 1999.

Threatening to close the Farringdon venue has prompted outrage and open letters to the council and police.

While some agree it should be shut others love its vibes. One neighbour wrote: “Keep it open… this is the funkyness of the area we embraced.”

Police called for a review of the club’s licence after four drug-related deaths over the past three years. Another four people collapsed at the venue after taking MDMA, ecstasy and other drugs.


Don’t let them shut it down.

In a police report submitted to the committee, Pc Steven Harrington said: “It attracts clientele from all over Europe and it would seem that the immaturity or lifestyle of these patrons leads to them becoming actively involved in the taking of illegal drugs and this could account for the disproportionate and wholly unacceptable number of deaths and near death incidents at the venue.”

But the 15-year-old club has developed a strong line of support, with musicians and celebrities taking to Twitter to support it.

Who are you to disagree with Pro Green?

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  • lol

    End the war on drugs, stop blaming clubs.

  • Druggie

    MDMA and ecstasy are the same thing idiots.