The Tab guide to thinking for yourself this Freshers’ Week

Why does anyone think this is necessary?

See, Ben had a ball at Freshers.

Why you should ignore those Sunday Times rankings

UCL’s place in the league table is meaningless and shows students are getting happiness wrong, writes Ben Munster.


Tab on Tour: Street Style at London Fashion Week

We rode the cutting edge to Somerset House and took some beautiful pictures

This place is miserable

Sunday Times slams quality of student life at UCL

Union denounces poor welfare provision and cash-hungry admissions scheme


Never miss another shopping delivery again with CollectPlus

Stop worrying about missing the postman and choose Click & Collect from CollectPlus instead. It’s the smart choice

UCL’s rip-off rent is the priciest in the country

Uni shamed by HSBC as most expensive place to study in the UK

Who needs Balliol when you've got this guy?

So you’ve just got to UCL…here’s what you should do next

Join us, read us, love us

London nightlife: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hey you silly fresher, read this

Moonies brought joy to many

Iconic night at Moonies moving to The Borderline

Incoming freshers upgrading from Soho’s legendary carpeted sleaze pit


Meet the godlike genius who posted an introductory video of himself to fellow freshers

Wouldn’t life be better if we were all more like UEA fresher Thomas Rees?


HTC presents A Night of Desire

Just like Tinder, but in real life

Icebreaker feech img

Nightlife pioneer brings Freshers Icebreaker to Tiger Tiger

Anyone caught not having fun will be shot


Unis issue warnings over fake student finance emails

Students have already been conned out of ‘thousands of pounds’


QUIZ: How rubbish will your freshers’ week be?

Whether you’re heading to uni for the first time or going back for more, make sure you’re prepared for how shit it will probably be


Cubanisto’s House of Mask comes to London

Expect top artists, street food and lots of dancing.

Pole 2

I was a science lecturer, now I’m a pole dancing champion

Quiet at the back


We gave the English a voice in the Scottish independence debate even though they don’t deserve one

General consensus: Londoners don’t have a clue and don’t give a toss